How to perform Tahajjud prayer
Added Date: 7/15/2012 12:54:16 PM
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    Please explain to me how to pray Tahajjud Salat including all information about it, including the times to start it and how long you pray it. If you have to pray it for hours, how can this be done if you have not memorized long Surahs'?

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the World; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

    There is no difference between Tahajjud and Qiyam al-lail (the late night prayer). If the prayer is performed after one had slept then it is called Tahajjud otherwise it is called Qiyam-al-lail.

    There are many evidences in Qur'an and Sunnah proving the excellence and merits of Tahajjud.

    Allah Says (interpretation of meaning): {Is one who is obedient to Allah, prostrating himself or standing (in prayer) during the hours of the night, fearing the Hereafter and hoping for the Mercy of his Lord (like one who disbelieves)? Say: "Are those who know equal to those who know not?" It is only men of understanding who will remember (i.e. get a lesson from Allah's Signs and Verses).}[39:9]. Allah Praises those who perform the late night prayers "Their sides forsake their beds, to invoke their Lord in fear and hope, and they spend (in charity in Allah's Cause) out of what We have bestowed on them. No person knows what is kept hidden for them of joy as a reward for what they used to do.}[32:16-17].

    Imam Tirmizi narrates from Abdullah Ibn Salaam that "When the Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon him) came to Madinah "When the Prophet (Sallallahu Alehi Wasallam) came to Madinah, the people gathered around him and I was one of them. I looked at his face and understood that it was not the face of a liar. The first words I heard him say were: 'O people, spread the salutations, feed the people, keep the ties of kinship, and pray during the night while the others are sleeping and you will enter paradise in peace."' This is related by al-Hakim, Ibn Majah, and at-Tirmidhi who calls it Hasan Sahih.

    The Prophet said: "The best prayer after the obligatory prayers is the prayer which is performed in the last part of the night". [Reported by Imam Muslim]

    Therefore, the night prayer is a confirmed Sunnah, its rule does not change even in the month of Ramadhan. However, performing it during Ramadhan is better than during other months.

    The time of Tahajjud (Qiyam al-lail) starts after obligatory prayer of Isha and extends till dawn. There is no specific time for this prayer so it may be performed at any time of night but the preferred time is the last third of the night.

    There is no specific number of Rakah of this night prayer but the Prophet never prayed more than thirteen Rakah during Ramadhan or any other time.

    The Sunnah is to be performed in sets of two Rakah. It is recommended to shorten the first two Rakah making the remaining Rakah longer. And then one should end it with Witr prayer. One may also make Dua Qunoot in Witr if he likes.

    The person who does not memorize much Qur'an may recite many short Surahs in one Rakah or he may read looking in the Mus-haf too.

    Allah knows best.

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Thursday 16 November 2017 05:11:53 GMT
Mus-haf MEANS
Thursday 6 July 2017 05:07:19 GMT
How to perform rakah and witr
in namaz tahajjud please ?
Saturday 3 June 2017 07:06:11 GMT
Assalamalaikum.... Kya tahajjud namaz, nafl bolke padh sakte?
Thursday 23 February 2017 07:02:40 GMT
Asalamualaikum... Main bahot taklif main hu kya aap mujhe bata sakte hai niyat kaise bandni hai???
Saturday 11 February 2017 08:02:16 GMT
Is it necessary that you should sleep for a while to pray Tahajjud?
The best way as it is explained by religious scholars is to sleep then get up for Tahajjud prayer.
But if you think you may not be able to get up so you stay awake till Tahajjud time comes. in this case you'll also get the reward Inshaallah.
Thursday 9 February 2017 07:02:13 GMT
varlee m. keita 
I am suffering from arthritis pains in both knees, which makes it impossible for to bend my knees in prayer. Can I sit and prayer?
Yes, you can sit and pray.
Monday 19 December 2016 03:12:29 GMT
please clarify if i make 8 or 12 rakaat do i have to make niyat each time again
It should not be less than 2

and it should not be more than 12

it is up to you, pray 2 or 4 or 6 or 8

According to Hanafi school it should not be more than 8

and there is no need to say niyat. when you're standing up for prayer it is your niyat and no need to say it by mouth nor to repeat it each time.

Saturday 17 December 2016 01:12:15 GMT
Should we recite the niyyat and sana after every two rakaats
Monday 27 June 2016 02:06:30 GMT
Assalamu Alaikum,please can yo tell me what sura I have to recite for tahajjud prayer
Friday 3 June 2016 05:06:18 GMT
Assalamu wlaikum meray bhai aur bhahayno.
plz mujhay a bataiya k tahajut padne say kya paray shaniyan dur hoti hi.
jazak allah
Thursday 17 March 2016 05:03:05 GMT
Assalamalikum tahajjud padne se kya pareshaniya dor hoti hai
Plz tell me my Muslim Bhai ya bhein
Saturday 31 October 2015 09:10:54 GMT
zahoor basha 
Assalmulaikum ...mashallah u guys doing great job..even I also clear my Dout .about salat namaz. Sukriya...allahhafiz u all
Monday 8 June 2015 04:06:53 GMT
It's Sunnah that witr prayer shuld be the last pray in the night and any one who wants to pray tahajud and he/she is sure that he/she can get up for praying then should delay the witr and prays it after tahajud- but if its happened that he/she prays witr soon after Esha and in mid-night wakes up and wants to pray Tahajud in this case his/her prayer is correct and no need to pray witr again because praying witr twice in one night is not allowed and his/her Tahajud is correct
Sunday 7 June 2015 08:06:59 GMT
sameena mir 
Aslam u Alikum.
can somebody plz give information abt... if one has already prayed thr witr namaz. can he r she pray only Tahajudd Namaz..pllzzz.. reply any one who have correct information..
Wednesday 28 January 2015 07:01:53 GMT
aisha kaif  
im reading sala continue for 15 days bt i have to read it for 40 days bt i left coz of some reason can we continue it plz tell me
Sunday 18 January 2015 05:01:00 GMT
Tuesday 23 September 2014 12:09:01 GMT
sajeeda banu  
Wednesday 27 August 2014 07:08:46 GMT
is there nythng special to recite in thahajud prayer???
can nyone hlp me in dis???
may Allah bless u
Tuesday 12 August 2014 01:08:09 GMT
sana khan 
jazakhlh lahul
Thursday 7 August 2014 01:08:06 GMT
on last 5days if somehow i miss my tahajjut pray.......
only 5days renaming on, i missed it last what i have to do now?? is there any Qaza!! plz anyone my brother or sister can prefer me plzzzzz.....
Tuesday 11 March 2014 09:03:30 GMT
shabana azam 
tahajjud ki namaz se barket hoti hain aur sabhi gunah muaf hote hain.
Tuesday 11 March 2014 09:03:24 GMT
shabana azam 
tahajjud ki namaz se barket hoti hain aur sabhi gunah muaf hote hain.
Thursday 20 February 2014 02:02:19 GMT
Kamran Qureshi 
Subhan Allah....Thanks for the information.
Saturday 15 February 2014 10:02:39 GMT
Jazkallah khair, thank you for the information. According to our beloved deen Islam spreading the knowledge to other brother and sister has the great reward, but if you can please site the information that would be more accurate and more satisfaction to the people.
Wednesday 5 February 2014 03:02:02 GMT
mohamed abbas 
Maashaa allah I got a correct clarification about tahajjud salah..Jazakallah. ....
Wednesday 5 February 2014 03:02:58 GMT
mohamed abbas 
Maashaa allah I got a correct clarification about tahajjud salah..Jazakallah. ....
Saturday 1 February 2014 09:02:49 GMT
ishrat fatima 
any body please tell me in urdu ...the right way of tahajjud prayer i shall be very thank ful to you for this kind act
Thursday 23 January 2014 08:01:57 GMT
god job brother
Wednesday 15 January 2014 11:01:58 GMT
brother Quraish, 13 rakahs include WITR.
Saturday 11 January 2014 09:01:40 GMT
JazakALLAH brother
Sunday 29 December 2013 01:12:48 GMT
Thursday 26 December 2013 08:12:56 GMT
Jazakallah Khair. Thank you so much for the information brother.
Monday 25 November 2013 06:11:02 GMT
Mohammed Muthahir 
jazakallah khair... thanks alott for the information
Tuesday 19 November 2013 03:11:33 GMT
jazakllah khair for this

But i really do you think it should be told abit more simple

without to much info. or give examples at the bottom how to perform after all the hadiths etc..
but in general jazakallah khair
Sunday 18 August 2013 04:08:29 GMT
I thought you would provide method about Tahajjud. But it seems all of you guys are just interested in copy paste from the internet. Can you confirm that it is not Haram to earn revenue from something you have not put valid effort in?
Friday 19 July 2013 03:07:55 GMT
Abu Ayman 
According to Hanafi school of thought the maximum Rakahs for Tahajud is eight Rakaha and the minimum is two.
Accoording to Maliki the maximum Rakahs for Tahajud is ten Rakahas or twelve and the minimum is two and with one Raka Witer becomes therteen.
Acoording to Shafea and some of Hanabelah there is no specific number some one can pray as maney as he can....
Thursday 11 July 2013 05:07:50 GMT
brother the info u got based on tahajjud prayer is good but im just confused about the 13 rakahs is the last 3 rakahs witr ??

Tuesday 14 August 2012 10:08:12 GMT
Kabir laminu 
Jazakalh lahul dis gud book
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