BAYAN TV launched in Persian
Added Date: 4/1/2011 4:22:47 AM
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Bayan TV channel in Persian language launched on 21/03/2011

Congratulations and Good Luck to Bayan TV

Congratulations to all Muslims on the successful launch of Bayan TV

Bayan TV is in Persian language.  This Television Network is dedicated to the advancement of truth as defined by the Islamic shariah. The mission of the Bayan Television Network is to serve the Muslims  and teach them Islam as proclaimed by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

And Sunni News seizes  this opportunity to congratulate you on the establishment of such a channel .  And we ask Allah Almighty to grant success to those who made it for the good of Islam and Muslims.





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Sunday 1 January 2012 08:01:43 GMT
Omar from Morocco  
Salam 3alikom wa ra7matu Allah wa barakatuh Allahumma onsor ahl alssonna wa ahl SORYYA wa jami3 almoslimin wa isbiro inna alarda li ALLAH yourithoha li man chae min 3ibadih ,fasabron jamil
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