SNArticle TitleAdded Date
1 A Sunni cleric decries ban on Sunnis’ Eid prayers in Tehran10/22/2013
2 No news from seven sentenced to execution Sunni prisoners’ location10/22/2013
3 Sunni Muslims in Tehran were prevented to held Eid Al-Adha prayer10/22/2013
4 Afghan special forces commander defects with guns to Hezb-e-Islami10/21/2013
5 Afghan militants attack Kabul international compound10/18/2013
6 Blast kills Afghan provincial governor 10/15/2013
7 Explosion hits hotel in Myanmar's main city 10/15/2013
8 Holding own Eid prayers, indisputable right of IR Sunnis’10/14/2013
9 Foad Rezazadeh has been transferred to Evin solitaries10/12/2013
10 Syrian army kills 70 people, retakes two Damascus suburbs from rebels 10/11/2013
11 How old should the sacrificial animal be?10/11/2013
12 Pakistan has not released Mullah Baradar, says Afghan Taliban10/9/2013
13 Deadly fire at Bangladeshi garment factory 10/8/2013
14 Serious worries about the condition of two Sunni prisoners10/6/2013
15 Arafat Day on Oct 1410/6/2013
16 Sectarian bloodshed grips Myanmar 10/2/2013
17 An Arab prisoner is transferred to intelligence center10/2/2013
18 Two Sunni prisoners have been tortured in Ghezel Hesar prison10/1/2013
19 Baghdad hit by 13 deadly car bombs9/30/2013
20 Dozens killed in Peshawar market9/29/2013
21 Ban holds first meeting with Syrian opposition chief 9/29/2013
22 20 dead as asylum-seeker boat sinks off Indonesia9/28/2013
23 Hekmatyar-led HIA disowns Hilal’s decisions9/28/2013
24 Syria chemical inspections to start by Tuesday9/27/2013
25 Afghan soldier guns down US soldiers9/26/2013
26 29 dead in 3 days of Sudan riots9/26/2013
27 Homeless Pakistan quake survivors await help9/26/2013
28 Preparing for Hajj & ‘Umrah – II9/24/2013
29 Dozens dead in southwest Pakistan earthquake 9/24/2013
30 Bashar al-Assad ordered me to gas people but I could not do it9/23/2013
31 Asma assad wants to send hafez to school in Switzerland9/23/2013
32 Preparing for Hajj & ‘Umrah – I9/23/2013
33 4 Iranians sentenced to 18 years in jail9/23/2013
34 69 dead, 63 missing in Nairobi attack9/23/2013
35 2 NATO troops killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan9/23/2013
36 Muslim Brotherhood activities banned9/23/2013
37 Gunfire at Kenya shopping complex 9/23/2013
38 Gunfire as standoff continues in Kenya mall 9/22/2013
39 Drone strike kills six in Pakistan9/22/2013
40 Hajj; a Scene of Love between Allah & His Servants9/22/2013
41 Stop Execution of 26 Sunni Prisoners9/22/2013
42 4 killed as rival groups clash in Ghor9/22/2013
43 Pakistan church blast kills 569/22/2013
44 Pakistan 'frees top Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar'9/21/2013
45 Four Sunni prisoners in danger of imminent execution9/20/2013
46 Two Sunni ex-convicts are arrested again9/20/2013
47 A Nobel Peace Prize for the Curious Quartet?9/20/2013
48 Iran’s sudden charm offensive9/20/2013
49 Several people injured in Chicago shooting9/20/2013
50 Man beheaded, woman beaten to death in India 'honour killing'9/20/2013
51 Attacks on Yemen army kill 309/20/2013
52 3 Australian soldiers injured in central Afghanistan9/20/2013
53 Army Men Caught on Camera Torturing a Taliban Fighter9/20/2013
54 Police Feud in Helmand Turns Deadly, Kills Three, Injures Seven9/20/2013
55 Afghan politician defects to Taliban9/19/2013
56 Iran's bid to replace Kharqah Sharif gate foiled9/19/2013
57 Fighting resumes in southern Philippines 9/18/2013
58 More houses to be razed for Prophet’s Mosque expansion9/18/2013
59 Mullah Baradar may be freed in a day or two9/18/2013
60 Brotherhood leaders liken Egypt jail cells to graves9/18/2013
61 Abdul Kader Mullah gets death penalty for war crimes9/17/2013
62 Egypt forces raid Islamist-held town9/16/2013
63 Several people shot at US Navy yard in Washington9/16/2013
64 Hajj a Scene from the Resurrection Day9/16/2013
65 Philippines helicopters fire rockets on Muslims9/16/2013
66 Three pro-Russia'n soldiers killed in Chechnya9/16/2013
67 Top female police officer killed in Afghanistan9/16/2013
68 Baghdad official escapes bombing as attacks kill dozens9/15/2013
69 Pak army loses 2 senior officers to IED blast9/15/2013
70 India conducts second test-flight of Agni V nuclear-capable ICBM9/15/2013
71 U.S. forced to fly massive amounts of gear, equipment out of Afghanistan9/15/2013
72 Farah prisoners go on hunger strike9/15/2013
73 27 Afghan miners killed in collapse9/15/2013
74 Syrian opposition elects new provisional PM9/14/2013
75 Slovenia starts work on first mosque after wait of over 40 yrs9/14/2013
76 US and Russia agree Syria arms deal9/14/2013
77 3 Afghans die as car bomber targets NATO troops9/14/2013
78 592 mutilated bodies found in last three years9/13/2013
79 kidnappers 10-year-old boy in Southern Afghanistan9/13/2013
80 No news about a Kurdish prisoner in the recent one month9/13/2013
81 Shia cleric censured on insulting Baloch women9/13/2013
82 US consulate attacked in western Afghanistan9/13/2013
83 Kabul public order police chief survives gun attack 9/11/2013
84 Germany court in 'burkini' ruling9/11/2013
85 Three more executions in Rasht9/11/2013
86 Two more executions, one in public9/11/2013
87 Twin bomb attack against army in Egypt's Sinai9/11/2013
88 Title4 dead, 20 missing in Badakhshan rockslide9/11/2013
89 Taliban meeting mulls terms for talks9/11/2013
90 Pakistan to free Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Baradar9/11/2013
91 Syria accepts Russian chemical weapons plan9/11/2013
92 Scores perish in Iran bus collision 9/10/2013
93 Pakistan political parties agree to hold talks with Taliban9/10/2013
94 The Creed of Tawheed between the Inquirer and the Responder = Part 19/10/2013
95 Afghans in Iran face imminent expulsion9/10/2013
96 Russia calls on Syria to hand over chemical weapons9/10/2013
97 Central African Republic says scores killed in new clashes9/9/2013
98 US plans for 3 days of attacks on Syria: report 9/9/2013
99 Taliban attack Intelligence building in Maidan Wardak9/8/2013
100 Nato airstrike in Kunar kills civilians9/8/2013